• Susan recently joined the company and she's checking the welcome kit

  • Richard is checking the app to confirm the program of the conference

  • John participates on the company brainstorm, even though he's out of the country

  • The sales team receives new instructions for the challenge week

  • Mobility is changing our lives and shaping our world

  • Mary's searching the new health protocols of her company

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Memoupdate – Made to engage

Mobility is changing our lives and shaping our world, and to respond to that challenge we have designed a mobile solution, named Memoupdate. It’s an agile, dynamic and flexible app whose main purpose is to making collaborators feel like part of the company, wherever they are.

It's an app with restricted access, (users need a PIN) to promote relevant, fun, attractive and appealing content in the professional, cultural and lifestyle spheres of the collaborators, for a better balance between professional, personal and family life.

We make it interactive to appeals user’s creativity and co-creation by voting, classification and posting insights. MEMOUPDATE is able to have gaming contents like quiz, on it.


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